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Model: Furry

Shape : RHM Rapid Hand Movement

Material: Carbon UD Toray T700

Range of use : Roadbike

Hood Width C to C: 360/380/400/420mm

Drop Width C to C: 380/400/420/440mm

Stem: 80/90/100/110/120mm

Drop: 127mm

Reach 77mm

Rise: -10

DI2 Compatible

Clamp Diameter : ic Integrated Cockpit (28.6mm)

Clamp Torque: 5N-m

Brake Torque: 5N-m

Adaptor : OD1 (28.6mm)

Color: Black

Weight: 380g +15g

Size: 360x80 / 360x90 / 380x80 / 380x90 / 380x100 / 380x110 / 400x80 / 400x90 /

400x100 / 400x110 / 400x120 / 420x90 / 420x100 / 420x110 / 420x120



1. Spacer set

- Bottom gear x2

- Plastic spacer 10mm x2

- Plastic spacer 5mm x1

- Split ring x1

2. Aluminum cap x1

3. Titanium Alloy Screw x3

4. Group cover x2

5. Aluminum group cover x1

6. Barfly

VISP Furry 2024

  • Policy change for returns and refunds

    1. Within 7 working days of the consumer signing the receipt, the business will exchange or accept the product back.

    2. Purchased goods must be in the brand-new condition in order to be exchanged or returned by customers. not used up; no installatiion or assembled, including price tags Merchandise brand label The product's box still contains several manuals. identical to that of the business Customers are sent, and the proof is included in the order. Pictures and paperwork from the facility attest to the product's genuine damage.

    3. Change-return travel expenses

    In every situation, shipping is the responsibility of the customer, and we do not reimburse shipping costs.

    4. Every time you receive a package from the shop, please record a video of the unpacking process. as proof of affirmation The business maintains the right to refuse any changes or returns if there is no clip. Which clients have the following options for product exchange or return? 1. The incorrect item, colour, or size 2. Products with various qualities Or differs from the product image that is displayed on the product information page. 3. Items that have been damaged or cannot be used since being delivered 4. Prior to sending customers replacement products, the business maintains the right to inspect the condition of the goods that the customer has returned.

    5. If the customer is dissatisfied with the purchase, do not accept a change-return of the item. Customers wish to switch between various product models. Additionally, customers may order the wrong item.

    6. We retain the right to receive products in accordance with the company's policies and conditions. Set only

    7. We hold the option to refund the delivery fees.

    8. Delivery method: Ordering products online Will be delivered in the packaging well. To prevent damage from shocks, bicycles will be sent in a box. There are some assemblies, but not more than 85%. Customers must consist of themselves. The service fee for the assembly does not include.

    If the product needs to be returned, please contact the staff at 094-7031888 or between 08:00 a.m. and 17:00 p.m. as soon as the problem with the product is identified. every day excluding Sundays and legal holidays Seven-day

    Change-return policy

    1. Without regard to time, the 7-day product warranty will begin on the day the client gets the product.

    For instance, on January 1 at 11:00 a.m., the product was delivered to the first customer.

    The second client received the merchandise at 18:00. 1. On the first day, the warranty terms for both children will start. The result of the seventh day was produced concurrently. The company reserves the right to solely replace damaged products when altering the product. Keep the right to send the accessories for repair if they are damaged. - Proof of purchase is necessary. Invoice/Tax receipt The full box with all the equipment must be delivered as proof of your request to switch items. For a product change, the symptoms of the damage must match what is described in the warranty terms.

    2. For goods that are uncertain and don't have overt symptoms while being tested initially The business reserves the right to take the request into consideration in accordance with its terms. 3. It will take roughly 15 to 30 working days from the time the product is checked until it is replaced or repaired. Refund procedures 1. Will the money be returned to the credit card that consumers use to make payments if they pay the entire amount or in instalments using a credit card from a commercial bank registered in Thailand? Depending on the credit card processing cycle, it takes roughly 30 working days from the date the consumer was informed by the call centre. the owner of the customer card 2. With respect to clients that pay in full Will the funds be transferred back to the customer's stated account number by the time they reach the counter service or the point of collection? About 30 working days have passed after the consumer was told by the call centre at 0947031888

    3. The business retains the right to grant refunds outside of the stated time frame. If a case of force majeure occurs 4. Without having to give notice beforehand, the company retains the right to amend any conditions. Information from the Shop Read this! How to place a store order: 888 bikes Pick the product you want and specify the required size, colour, and quantity. Press once more to grab the basket. or place an instant order. the delivery address in full. Select your preferred payment method, then click the order button. Before making the final payment for the item, kindly wait for confirmation from the store via phone, email, or LINE. Due to the product's wide range of sizes and colours, faults or supply shortages could happen. If a customer makes a payment before the shop has confirmed it, For instance, the item might not be in stock, or the consumer might not like the colour or size. The store retains the right to provide the consumer with a refund.

    *** Warranty period : General frame 1years / paint work 1 year / OEM PART The warranty is according to the conditions of the brand.

  • Material Full Carbon: Toray 1000

    Weight: 387 +- 10g (ชั่งจาก 400*100mm)

    Hood Width C TO C : 380/400/420mm

    Drop Width C TO C: 380/400/420mm

    Stem: 80/90/100/110/120mm


    Drop: 127mm

    Reach: 77

    Clamp Torque: 6Nm

    Rise -10

    Support Fork Size: (OD1) 28.6mm Compact Drop


    Support: DI2 COMPATIBLE



    - Aluminum Cap x1

    - Aluminum Spacer x1

    - Plastic spacer 5mm x4

    - Titanium Alloy Screw x1


    Adapter Spacer

    1.Trek madone disc brake

    2. SL7

    3. Pinarello F/F12

    4. Cannondale super six

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