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The Ritchey Comp Cartridge Integrated IS headset lower features full complement stainless steel angular contact sealed cartridge bearings packed with Ritchey high-webbing grease.

Ritchey Comp IS Headset Lower

  • Material _ alloy

    Stack Height _ zero

    Headtube ID _ 42, 47, 52mm

    S.H.I.S. _ IS42/30  (1 ⅛”), IS47/33 (1 ¼”), IS52/40 (1.5")  

    IS42/30 (1⅛") bearing _ 41.8/30.5/8mm 45°/45° - sealed cartridge (ACB) 

    IS47/33 (1 ¼”) bearing _ 46.9/34.1/8mm 45°/45° - sealed cartridge (ACB) 

    IS52/40 (1.5") bearing _ 51.85/40/8mm 45°/45° - sealed cartridge (ACB) 

    Weight _ 32g

    Color _ black

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