Color: Black, Blue, Rose, Tan

Fabric: Cotton

Weight: 90g

Size: Aprox 5cm x 5m

Aonijie E4112 Kinesiology Tape

  • Can deep massage for tight muscles and soft tissue  to stimulate circulation and lymph flow, relieve pain; at the same time be able to support more weakness and joint tissue. Monolithic design allows athletes to stick in the shortest time,in the first time to reach the injured protective effect. In addition to its dynamic support functions can properly protect the movement of joints, even under frequent bending joints straight circumstances, have sustained protective effect. At the same time he can increase muscle strength and flexibility, to effectively enhance athletic performance and overall athlete explosive; highly breathable and extremely lightweight material accumulated sweat easily, even if prolonged exercise, can still maintain excellent comfort,

     When the movement of joints, muscles, fascia protection and ease the pain caused by damage; reduce the impact of the joints and tendons, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension; auxiliary correct deformities, tendon contracture, acute or chronic tendon injury, muscle energy rehabilitation therapy.


    Applicable symptoms:

    1. muscle strength imbalance

    2. reduce swelling and help the lymphatic circulation

    3. cycle, soft tissue, joint and muscle dysfunction

    4. subluxation

    5. pinching syndrome

    6. overuse / Chronic Fatigue


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